Our website hits 5000 views

We are pleased to say we continue to have reached this great milestone.  Not only do we have increased numbers but as have also had great ideas and feedback from quite a few including Lilly, Zane, Allie and Maddie.

But of course none of this would be possible without our website sponsors MAADigital.

Keep checking back in as the website gets things added as they come to our attention and of course we share great news on the exciting things happening in STEM 😊

Julie visits Teesside University’s hydrogen laboratory

Our Climate Champion Julie was interviewed about her work with the hydrogen lab.  She of course continues her great work inspiring the next generation b searching out new technologies at Teesside University’s hydrogen laboratory.

This will help Julie with her project to encourage more Scientists and Engineers to come into the industry to help tackle climate change.

Watch Julie’s “SME visit to Hydrogen Lab” at https://vimeo.com/575789874

Our Hidden Heroes

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) 2021 is all about Engineering Heroes. 

We have more than our fair share in the north east.  Please come along to hear from a panel of key worker women on how they have responded to the pandemic and supported our lives and livelihoods. 

Some of our everyday heroes have been very visible whilst some are Hidden Heroes.

Watch at https://youtu.be/yCvJ3rdGBeU

Paula makes the NEWS on INWED Day

Our Chair Paula was delighted to be asked to launch North East Women in STEM (NEWS) alongside Kay Hussain, the CEO of WISE.

This is the start of a network to ‘join the dots’ by sharing ideas, making links and generally chatting about all things STEM.

Paula was introduced as someone who has ‘more hours in the day than anyone else’ – this of course isn’t true but we all admit Paula manages to do a lot. 

Paula outlines why INWED is important and outlines some of the things she does to help people ‘see it to be it’.

Watch our Chair starting at 1:12:30 https://youtu.be/ofNLcgBYETU

Engineering Together reinvigorate the Transporter Bridge Award

The Transporter Bridge Anniversary Award was recently reinvigorated following a suggestion from Tosh Warwick, of Heritage Unlocked to our Chair Paula.

Paula told Teesside University: “We are delighted to continue to work together in collaboration with the University and engineering institutions to help enhance the profile of the Transporter Bridge, along with that of Teesside’s exceptional students.”

Engineering Together congratulate Daniel for his achievement. Read the full Teesside University article here.

A lifetime in Engineering Award for our Chair

The Women In Construction & Engineering Awards (Europe) are designed to find the most exemplary women within construction and engineering across Europe to recognise the support and contribution women make to the construction and engineering industries.

We are delighted to announce that our Chair, Paula, have won the Life Time Achievement in Engineering award which is a testament to the great work she has been doing for decades.

Congratulations Paula !

We are In It Together

In collaboration with WES, Newcastle University, Sor Robert McAlpine and Jacobs we put on a series of talks to motivate and inspire everyone to shine despite our New Normal.

The feedback we have received was brilliant and we clearly helped inspire very many. 

Each of the five events were recorded and are available to watch again on our YouTube channel

Lockdown Heroes with Side Hustles – https://youtu.be/OaXWHMbZ38U

Power of Failure – https://youtu.be/M7mwfiseXxc

Confident Communication – https://youtu.be/xxmROEr5lzc

Personal Branding –   https://youtu.be/S-GMy0D9pLw

Career Success – https://youtu.be/DrComfWtsmM

Our competition legacy

Our very first competition with prizes kindly funded by the Venator Community Fund has now closed.

We had many recipients of our prizes, but the special Chairs prizes went to:

  Daisy Genevieve in first place for her gravity defying YouTube video where she lifts a bottle full of rice with pencil

  Second Place was the fabulous Leonie who provided us with her amazing exploding rainbow activity

  The final special prize was award to Lilly with her colourful Lego display in support of PRIDE.

Thankyou to all those who took part and don’t forget you can still send in suggestions for our website.

Make One Small Change with Climate Action North

It is more important than ever we look to make changes to protect the planet.  Our friend at Climate Action North inspire awareness and help us understand how we can take action in the climate emergency and for nature and the planet in this fabulous webinar.

Through Engineering Together The Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology funded a great piece on plastics.  Look out for our very own Julie and Adrian at 38:30.


Female Engineers past and future

Jo our Diversity Champion organised a great collaborative series at the Lit and Phil.  For obvious reasons this has gone online and allows you to watch again at  https://youtu.be/FzspPrc1V1A

In this event, the Women’s Engineering Society celebrated the past, and looked at how female engineers can transform the future. T

he event began with a talk from WES Centenary Trail Project Officer Helen Close, highlighting the work being done to ensure we don’t forget the role of female engineers throughout history. 

Following this, a panel of local female engineers debated which area of engineering will transform the future to the greatest extent. Which discipline do you think will transform the future the most?