A big step forward for diversity

At our meeting we noted that not all institutions involved are accreditation bodies.

We agreed to concentrate on outcomes and extend our group beyond the traditional organisations we have worked with.

We agreed institutions who operate with a Teesside focus who align to our objectives can have representation on this Council. 

All encouraged to think about new punchier name (aim three words or less) with logo. To do big reveal at Launch Event.

Our Inaugural Meeting

After some of us met at an IChemE Dinner our first meeting was held at the Sir Robert McAlpine A19 DBFO Offices in Billingham.


This is an initial meeting to see what we can do better serve our combined goals or indeed decide if this is a bad idea.


Together we should be able to do more with fewer active volunteers per institution.

The Council agreed we are to show a unified front for all engineering disciplines though:

  • Public engagement events
  • Schools events engaging with under 16s, parent and teachers

For all events we shall aim to promote the possibility of having a bigger pool of Engineers which more closely aligns with the demographics of society.

We feel that our objectives will help raise aspirations of children in the north east and improve social mobility.