Giving the Youth a Voice

I jumped at the chance to work together with After the Pandemic to provide a platform for young people to have a voice in and around COP26.

Working with ATP to agree topics I then set off to develop the ‘Together we have one voice’ series.

The four events saw students from the north east of England and Scotland get together like never before for this exciting project. Current students and former students from 8 separate schools, colleges and universities took part.

Many of them have since gone onto further collaborations and STEM work proving that we can all inspire each other 🙂

All are available on the dedicated EngTog/ATP YouTube channel but also on the ATP COP26 Channel.

Going in circles – Frustrations about wasteful past generations.  Waste prevention through the circular economy.

City Design for tomorrow – How can cities be more inclusive to communities? What the future holds?

What future will you leave for me? – Concerns of young people. What changes are needed in your town?

Are we training for a greener future? What skills are needed to enable action? Is my education fit for the future?

Some of the key messages from our wonderful panellists and chairs…

Are we training for a greener future?

Challenging the current systems is what we need to do to accelerate change. We discussed education with students from a variety of establishments if they thought their education would help towards a greener future.

Watch our event to hear form our panel chair and panellists…

Panel Chair: Zoe Lewis, Principal Middlesbrough College


  Tees Valley Panellist 1 – Chloe Armstrong, Middlesbrough College

  Tees Valley Panellist 2 – Mia Burton, Middlesbrough College  

  Glasgow Panellist 1 – Zoe Branford, University of Strathclyde

  Glasgow Panellist 2 – Shauna Thomson, University of Glasgow

  Glasgow Panellist 3 – Kyle Prele, West College Scotland – Glasgow  

   Glasgow Panellist 4 – Millie Law, Falkirk High School via Liam Mason

Chair shares leadership messages for a more diverse future

Our Chair Paula got to speak at two great events this month spreading multiple positive messages about inclusion and diversity.


As a Women in Construction Ambassador Paula said “I look forward to when our diverse workforce reflects the society we serve. We will then be in a better position to solve tomorrows problems for the betterment of everyone”.

An on site art display was viewed by thousands and available online Paula McMahon – London Build 2022 (

At the event Paula closed the DIVERSITY & INCLUSION STAGE – London Build 2022 ( on a panel discussing the importance of mentoring and leadership.


Speaking at this virtual event to students to help them developing their leadership skills

What future will you leave me?

We discussed the question which is on the minds of many young people. Watch it here.

Huge thanks to our chair and panellists from the north of England and west of Scotland.

Panel Chair: Richard McGuckin, Director of Town Centres Investment, Stockton on Tees Borough Council


   Tees Valley Panellist 1 – Helena Keane, Middlesbrough College

   Tees Valley Panellist 2 – Chloe Armstrong, Middlesbrough College

   Glasgow Panellist 1 – Sharon-Lee Bow, Graduate Town Planner

   Glasgow Panellist 2 – Sophie Coffey, University of Strathclyde

   Glasgow Panellist 3 – Rebekah Clark, West College Scotland