Ethan and Lottie

Paula took several sets of the Lottie Books printed by the Cleveland Scientific Institution to Berwick Hills School in Middlesbrough today along with a very special guest, Ethan.

Ethan enthused the students by telling them all about Civil Engineering. This was Ethan’s very first event as a STEM Ambassador but Paula is certain it won’t be his last because his reading of the Lottie Books was brilliant.

Engineering Together on the water

Thanks to the Cleveland Institution of Engineers and PD Ports our Chair Paula, Vice Chair Paul and Climate Champion Julie all got a trip along the River Tees.

It was lovely chatting all things local in an engineering context with like minded people.


At Engineering Together we always mark INWED with an event which links to the annual theme #MakeSafetySeen.

This year our very own Chair spoke about her related campaign The Line at this years event alongside some great speakers who all shared how their work contributes to safety and security in places including our workplaces and transport systems as well as feeling safe in the language we use.

This event aired on 15th June 2023 and it was a collaboration between Engineering Together, WES Tyne and Tees and the Engineering & Manufacturing Network ( Thank you to all our speakers and guests who contributed to this well received event.
Watch on our YouTube channel or clock onto the event link here –

The Engineering Together site is awesome!

One of our website users participated in STEM Club at school this past year (she was one of two girls in the club) and her and her family are always looking for fun activities to do at home!

They found our website and told us “the Engineering Together site was awesome. The Fun at Home (or anywhere) page was such a help for us. We have been on the hunt for some STEM info and resources to look into this summer… and our future STEM professional was so happy to see some new resources she hadn’t seen before :-)”

Mum told us she could not be more proud of her daughter for pursuing her passion.. especially in STEM. “It makes me so happy to see her so eager and excited. She is currently super interested in coding… and she wanted to share this resource with you:

We at EngTog are of course thrilled at the impact we are having and have added this great resource to Fun at Home (or anywhere!) – Engineering Together page.

Julie adding STEM to the Great Big Green Week

Our Climate Champion Julie is flying the flag for all things STEM at Norton Green Market today during the Great Big Green Week. She is there with her ever present turtle made of plastic and hydrogen cars. Julie uses these to help us all consider our impact on the environment and how our everyday changes to REDUCE make the most difference. The cars show one of the engineering advancements which will help us make the best of the resources we have for the things we need.

Amelia helps empower others

We often get links to great resources people can use and we love this.

One of our website users, Amelia, got in touch and told Engineering Together she appreciated our website and the fact it links to, which is a site she like a lot.

Amelia thought since we have the same common interest in women’s empowerment and feminism, she wanted to share this helpful guide, about women in the hi-tech industry:

Amelia said it gave her “a lot of insight into the state of the women who work in the hi-tech area, also I found it of great help to promote women in tech and I think it would be a great resource to share with your readers, especially the female ones.”

We hope you like it too.

Reflecting on the WES Conference

The WES Annual Conference in Birmingham was amazing. Hundreds came, listened, shared and talked; you may say they were Engineering Together ! The theme aligned WE50; Safety and Security.

I had the enormous privilege to get to speak on the totally enormous stage not once but twice. Talking about Primary Voices in the context of Planetary Security and secondly thinking about Personal Safety with a focus on The Line.

It really was a privilege to be part of this and to do my bit to #MakeSafetySeen.