Volunteer now

Are you wanting to get involved now?

Keeping busy during quiet spells is good for you and gives you a sense of satisfaction. Developing, presenting and part taking helps with personal development, confidence and of course will look great on your CV and Professional Development records.

Have a look on inspiring-others to see some of the ways you can inspire others. Or if you wish to chat get in touch at we.are.engineering.together@gmail.com.

You can help by identifying suitable resources?

We want to collate a great set of resources which is meaningful for others to use for many years to come.

Wish to plan for an in-school activity that you can’t see?

If you are happy to share it with others we are happy to pass this onto our network (after vetting).

Spotted a mistake / out of date link?

Let us know. Email we.are.engineering.together@gmail.com

Selecting an activity to do at home to encourage others?

Some guidance from NUSTEM who have created a set of principles they are using to develop our materials which empower parents to engage with STEM home schooling