NAWIC ask ‘Is it OK?’

Our Chair, Paula, was delighted to speak to NAWIC and WES Tyne and Tees about her 30+ year personal journey in engineering where she has seen many improvements such as the introduction of site toilets, better PPE and the introduction of improved policies. 

But seeing greater diversity in our workplaces means we need to ensure everyone is made to feel welcome!  Unfortunately, from personal experience Paula knows that biases and associated micro aggressions are still causing harm and preventing us from reaching our collective potential. 

Paula overviewed her inclusive campaign where people can find out if it is OK to use certain language.  TheLine has a twist; it also allows people who are inadvertently upsetting others to get involved without judgement. 

Paula also used this session to launch her exciting #SilentMajority options encouraging those who usual don’t part take in these sorts of campaigns.

Listen on our EngTog YouTube channel.