Our first Fringe event

We are delighted to be working with the Engineering Manufacturing Network and WES Tyne and Tees Cluster. We have a table at the show so come along and chat to us about all things Engineering Together. Free tickets available at Visitor Registration – EMCON Engineering & Manufacturing Exhibition.

At a fringe event at the Engineering and Manufacturing Exhibition (EMCON) our Diversity Champion Jo and Chair Paula will be sharing and promoting tangible solutions from engineering & manufacturing colleagues on the attraction, recruitment & retention of a more diverse workforce in a panel event. Free tickets available at Increasing the size of your talent pool and plugging the leaks! Tickets, Thu 14 Sep 2023 at 13:00 | Eventbrite

Time to start planning

Summer gives us all time to have a break but with September around the corner it is now time to think about the upcoming school year.

Remember we have lots of resources you can use, check out STEM, Climate and Inclusion pages for a wealth of materials.

Also CSI have funded Lottie Books for leaving in Tees Valley primary schools by STEM Ambassadors.

If the following articles inspire you to get involved then contact us at we.are.engineering.together@gmail.com to find out how you can get free books to use and then give to schools.

Global influence

I am delighted to announce that our Engineering Together philosophies are going global.

I am helping the Women’s Engineering Society’s Climate Emergency Group work with ONE VOICE globally as their Chair.

Outcomes not ownership

Nurturing networks

Enabling efficiency

Value one vision

Operating openness

Influencing with integrity

Collaboration with compromise

Emphasis on equality

I truly believe WESCEG can make a real and significant difference by utilising our collective potential, we exceed what each person can do on their own. We have created an Open Letter idea to encourage a top-down approach from the UK Government and policy makers.

All WES Members and passionate Disruptors, Influencers and Educators are welcome to join the diverse and passionate group, feel free to get in touch with me via CEGChair@wes.org.uk to find out what you can do to help.

And of course if you are local to the Tees Valley remember you can join contact us at EngTog 🙂

Engineering Together with Stockton Climate Coalitions

Engineering Together are very pleased to be involved with the ground breaking Stockton Council Climate Coalitions. Our Engineering Together Chair Paula Chairs the Business Climate Coalition and Julie our Engineering Together Climate Champion is Vice Chair of the Community Climate Coalition.

There are four ground breaking groups represent Youth, Creative, Community and Business are all doing their bit to work together to help Stockton achieve its duty to protect residents well being for the long term as per the Environmental Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Strategy.

Engineering Together Chair Paula heads up the Business Coalition and recently said in Stockton News

Please email environmentalstrategy@stockton.gov.uk to register your interest to any of the groups.

Katie thought this was a perfect addition

Thanks to our website user Katie Hylton we have a great new range of science experiments to do at home or in your classroom.

Katie said ‘It’s a curated list of activities for kids of all ages and geared towards experiments that are easy and cheap to set up. I really think it would make a valuable addition there.’

We absolutely agreed – so check it out for yourself at https://engineeringtogether.com/fun-at-home/