What a MAAD co-incidence!

I was at the fantastic North East England Construction Summit yesterday and I bumped into Colin who very kindly hosts our Engineering Together web pages.

At first I wondered why and then from out lovely chat realised how their expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D design, animation, and video production can really make construction projects come to life!

The future is now thanks to MAADIGITAL – the Newcastle digital agency for unforgettable digital experiences!

A big thank you from the EngTog team for your support hosting us.

Help send local team to global finals

Wardley Primary School are the Vex Robotics UK National Champions.

They need help to compete in the Vex Robotics World Championships in Dallas.

This funding page has been set up to fund this trip as well as future materials.

After meeting their teacher, Mr Burfield, at the North East Stem Award 2022 we agree he not only deserved the accolade of most inspirational primary school teacher award but we would also like to support this fantastic team.

Two awards in one day for EngTog Chair!

Paula was presented at the North East Chamber Business Awards with the Community and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Inspiring Female of the Year. 

Then just a few hours later her work as a STEM Ambassador was recognised with her receiving an award for the most hours – the second year in a row!


Tees Valley schools looking forward to Green Careers

Green Careers Week Monday 7th to Friday 11th of November 2022 was a very busy week for our Climate Champion Julie. She interacted with 1351 students during the week.

Julie delivered a Green Careers talk for all year groups at Dyke House Secondary & Sixth Form as well as an in person ‘Climate Change, Scientists & Engineers Needed’ session as well as online sessions and a workshop at Bewley Primary who have submitted their Green future designs to our engineers at Engineering Together to look at and decide which ones we would like to see developed further.

Julie is looking at an exhibition in the Spring of 2023 where students will present their ideas for a Greener Future.

This is all possible due to the Inspiron Learning Climate Change, Scientists & Engineers Needed project UK Space Agency funded project where sustainable solutions on the International Space Station are used to demonstrate how we can be more sustainable on earth. Julie and her STEM helpers use examples of water supply, recycling, energy supply and experiments with mushrooms which highlight the contrast between current systems on earth and those on space. The aim is to encourage students to become more sustainable and move away from the use of fossil fuels whilst thinking of how space can help now and in the future.

The Cleveland Scientific Institution funded H2 solar powered model cars are put to good use throughout the projects and the students were amazed to see the cars working using only water and solar power.