NAWIC ask ‘Is it OK?’

Our Chair, Paula, was delighted to speak to NAWIC and WES Tyne and Tees about her 30+ year personal journey in engineering where she has seen many improvements such as the introduction of site toilets, better PPE and the introduction of improved policies. 

But seeing greater diversity in our workplaces means we need to ensure everyone is made to feel welcome!  Unfortunately, from personal experience Paula knows that biases and associated micro aggressions are still causing harm and preventing us from reaching our collective potential. 

Paula overviewed her inclusive campaign where people can find out if it is OK to use certain language.  TheLine has a twist; it also allows people who are inadvertently upsetting others to get involved without judgement. 

Paula also used this session to launch her exciting #SilentMajority options encouraging those who usual don’t part take in these sorts of campaigns.

Listen on our EngTog YouTube channel.

Well done Paula

We are delighted to see that our Chairs efforts have been rewarded at the Tees Business Awards. Paula picked up the Making a Difference award. In addition she was a finalist for the Lifetime Achievement as well.

Read all about it at

Even more Lottie

At Engineering Together we cannot get enough of Lottie and are delighted that the Cleveland Scientific Institution have funded lots of them for Tees Valley schools.

For those who don’t have the privilege of a visit to the school please note they feature loads of great stuff; including the Tees Barrage. And they are all free to download at any time from Resources – WES Lottie Tour.

Here are some of the students who have benefitted from visits to Dormanstown, Simonside and Fens Primary Schools. One teacher at Fens said ‘they will be talking about this all day’ and changed the whole day to include more booking reading, you may remember we visited Fens last year where they set up their first engineering ambassadors.

Celebrating our history

Based in the Tees Valley the Stockton to Darlington Railway is very local history.

We are delighted to share that S&DR200 – a heritage and arts festival – will take place from March to November 2025 celebrating the 200th anniversary of the world’s first passenger and goods train journey, which took place on the Stockton & Darlington Railway (S&DR) in 1825.   

The festival will celebrate this globally significant journey which gave birth to the modern railway, whilst looking to the future.  It hopes to attract 1.5 million visitors from all over the UK and the world to events and exhibitions in the public spaces and world-class museums of County Durham and the Tees Valley.

The full programme of events will be announced in September 2024. Until then feel free to sign up to their newsletter to be part of S&DR200!  

Happy 5th Birthday EngTog

It does not seem like 5 years since our inaugural meeting but then time does fly!

We have done lots together and many things would not have happened without us.

Since launching in 2020 our You Tube Channel now has several recorded series: In It Together – a series of talks to motivate and inspire everyone to shine, Mentioning the Unmentionable – a series of talks on difficult subjects to inform and support and INWED themed events. These and our in person events are thanks to our contributors and collaborators.

Our STEM work has helped us create and undertaken thousands of hours to see tens of thousands of students. Many events only exist due to EngTog including the online After the Pandemic Series, the local Lottie Book reading sessions and many more.

Our website has brought inspiration to many and we often get suggestions and great feedback. Some of which we have posted with permission like from Katie. This would not be possible without the support of the wonderful MAADigital; thank you.

The work of our wonderful volunteers and contributors has been noticed and recognised by others with numerous awards for work making engineering more accessible, diverse and sustainable.

Colorful birthday cake with sprinkles and ten candles on a blue background with copyspace