Climate Post North East helps amplify Primary Voices

I was delighted when Climate Post North East chose to promote my Primary Voice milestone. This added to my delight of seeing 10,000 and revisiting the wonderful Glebe Primary. I hope this explains what it is all about and encourages more of you to watch or even become an Educator yourself.

Check out the full story at Primary Voices speaks to 10,000 schoolchildren about tackling climate change – REPORTING THE GREEN REVOLUTION (

Or watch this video courtesy of Climate Post North East.

Civil Engineers working together

Our Chair Paula was joined by one of the Women’s Engineering Society Tyne and Tees members Sally Postle. at the Glebe Primary school in Norton, Stockton-on-Tees.

Students remembered Paula’s visit over a year ago and knew all about her work as a Civil Engineer. However they gained a wider understanding of Civil Engineering as Sally told them all about her work as well.

Paula and Sally taking questions. Photograph by Tim Richardson.
Sally building with students. Photograph by Tim Richardson.
Paula reading Lottie Books with students. Photograph by Tim Richardson.