Even more Lottie

At Engineering Together we cannot get enough of Lottie and are delighted that the Cleveland Scientific Institution have funded lots of them for Tees Valley schools.

For those who don’t have the privilege of a visit to the school please note they feature loads of great stuff; including the Tees Barrage. And they are all free to download at any time from Resources – WES Lottie Tour.

Here are some of the students who have benefitted from visits to Dormanstown, Simonside and Fens Primary Schools. One teacher at Fens said ‘they will be talking about this all day’ and changed the whole day to include more booking reading, you may remember we visited Fens last year where they set up their first engineering ambassadors.

STEM really does make a difference

We are pleased to share some great feedback from a parent of a student at Green Gates School who knows we rarely get feedback from the talks these kids have when they go home that day.

‘I just wanted to share a sweet moment I had with my daughter this morning on the way to school. We were discussing World Book Day, and I mentioned that I work with a lady who has created these amazing stories about a character called Lottie. I explained that Lottie goes on adventures, meeting engineers.

She looked at me with surprise and said, “That’s Paula!” I was taken aback that she knew and asked her how she knows that. She then told me that you and Lottie had recently visited her school, Green Gates Primary, and she had met you.

It all adds up now because recently she came home from school and said she wants to be an engineer and build her own theme park!

Thanks for having such a positive impact on my daughter’

Get in touch if you want to get involved.

Oakdene asked some wonderful questions

The Oakdene students did some fantastic reading of the Lottie Books. We also chatted in the classrooms about Lottie’s visit to Paula and her work as a Civil Engineer.

In an all school assembly the students of asked some brilliant questions about looking after (maintaining) a major road. One of the great questions was ‘do engineers help people’ and the answer was of course yes!

Jess added a blog for those interested in tech

Check out the new resources on our Fun at Home (or anywhere!) – Engineering Together page from Jessica.

Jessica thinks this guide for women looking to begin their career in programming would make a perfect addition to that page! She said ‘its a great article about the gender gap in tech, why programming is a great career choice, tips for breaking into the industry and a collection of external resources to help women on their journey to becoming a programmer.’

Women in Maritime Exhibition

Visit Lottie and some of our WES Tyne and Tees Cluster friends at the Women In Shipbuilding exhibition in Wallsend’s Forum shopping centre.

The Lost History of Women Shipbuilders runs from Tuesday 24 October until Sunday 19 November.

The Forum Shopping Centre is open daily. Check here for details and opening times at Lost History of Women Shipbuilders | Historic England.

Also why not check out the digital galleries at Rewriting Women Into Maritime History | Learn & Explore | Heritage & Education Centre (lrfoundation.org.uk).

Photo credit to North Tyneside Art Studio – www.northtynesideartstudio.org.uk