Role Models

There are many reasons for having a career in STEM as our role models will tell you.  You will see the variety of jobs and people who all wish to shout about their work…

There are lots of reasons to be STEMAZING – you can get help and get involved in many ways including become a role model yourself.

Join our STEM Inspiration and Inclusion Revolution. ( and join our own Paula as a role model – watch her here.

The Power of Women provide the young women of the Tees Valley with the role models, inspiration, resources and information to take control over the choices they make.

Power of Women – Power of Women

ICE is made up of over 90,000 superheroes in 150 countries around the world. Meet some of our superheroes below, from our earliest to our newest members and decide what kind of civil engineering superhero you are.

What’s it really like to have a construction job? Take a look at these stories from people working in construction jobs across the UK. Find out how they got into the industry, what they do, and tips on working in their fields.

Amazing Apprenticeships have created a brand-new teaching resource for schools ‘The Apprenticeship A-Z of Women at Work’. The 26 flashcards feature inspirational female apprentices and their employers in a wide variety of industries and is accompanied by a detailed case study booklet highlighting their apprenticeship story.

Some interviews with Women in Science are included with a collection of Open Resources for STEM from the Open Education Consortium

50 Women in the Tech Industry – You’ve probably heard about well-known tech giants like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, but you might not know about the equally impressive female tech gurus.

Meet James a Chemical Engineer working at Alpek Polyester UK.  This recording covers what James’ company do, what he does on a daily basis as a Process Engineer and how he progressed to where he is now!

Women have long played an important but often unacknowledged role in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Read about some great women in science and engineering at and

Read about a wide range of Journeys into Construction at