2021 Reflection

Reflecting on another difficult year as Chair I am extremely proud of what we have achieved.  

My personal highlights include:

  • Our series with After The Pandemic which has given the youth a voice regarding climate change
  • Our extremely well attended and well watched event on Menopause which is helping people to show they are not alone
  • Unsolicited feedback including Alice’s family which demonstrates the impact of the website
  • Working together to get the Transporter Bridge Award reinitiated which has allowed our region to shout about our talent
  • Our amazing In It Together series which helped lots of people with practical skills and confidence
  • And all the way back to January (seems much more than 11 months ago!) we announced our first competition winners

And of course we were shortlisted as Best New Community Champions in the first ever Best New Tees Business Awards and featured in WES’s December issue of The Women Engineer.

I hope 2022 is a good year for us all.


Apprentice network experiences

One of the main things we get asked about is career routes and in particular apprenticeships. Our Chair is part of the North East Apprentice Ambassador Network (NEAAN) which champions all things related. At the end of 2021 the network gathered lots of experiences showing the breadth of opportunities for young people in the North East and also how employers can get involved.

Watch here https://youtu.be/hqZ5p4giwsA