Keep smiling and stay safe.

No one doubts we are in the midst of some Strange Times and that it is more important than ever to communicate.

Our first dial in meeting tonight was a very positive and forward thinking one with the key message to make best use of any spare time (some) people find themselves with.  

I would like us all to find ways we ‘can’ do things instead of focusing on what we cannot.  

With that in mind plans are afoot to develop this website to leave a meaningful legacy and help those with time on their hands be constructive.

Let’s work together to find ways to stay productive and remember positivity is catching.

British Science Week

A visit to Prior Mill Church of England Primary School helped the whole children assembly understand the breadth of our planet, diversity in engineering and what bio diversity means.

The activities to build whatever the children wanted saw us have a very diverse selection of which my favourite was the Transporter Bridge

Inspiring Jo

Huge congratulations to Jo Douglas-Harris who has been shortlisted for this prestigious regional award.  We know how inspiring Jo is and glad others have also recognised it. Jo continues to lead our campaign to continue to be inclusive as an industry as we know this is the way to grow ideas.