Bringing Engineering Universities Together

Our Diversity Champion Dr Jo Douglas-Harris and Chair Paula McMahon were delighted to part take in the inaugural North of England Universities Joint Event. 

This was the very first time that all North East University engineering departments had come together with the aim to network and celebrate INWED.  This is not the first combined and collaborative event that Engineering Together have contributed to as we always look to work towards breaking the bias.

The CEO of WES not only part took in this event but also chose it to be the global launch of INWED22.  The 2022 theme is Inventors and Innovators and everyone was encouraged to #ImagineTheFuture where sustainability and inclusion are simply what we do.

The whole day was a great success with in-person events at each of the universities which included talks, panels and much more.  The virtual online session allowed everyone to be together to see our showcase of an inspirational showcase of female engineers, academics and staff.  Everyone then took part in an interactive roundtable across all five universities.

The students, staff and attendees enjoyed the event and everyone has agreed this event is to be the first of many.  It also encouraged further involvement from male and female students and staff to set up WES University Groups to further bring together people who wish to actively support and encourage student engineers from all backgrounds.

Once again Engineering Together alongside the WES Tyne & Tees Cluster has gained international interest and regional benefits!

Encouraging active involvement

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to write in the international publication New Civil Engineer. Although this is very much targeted at UK members of the Institution of Civil Engineers it is in fact very relevant to all institutions and groups.

The time has never been better to encourage more people to get involved to enhance the great work being done as well as your own CV. And as you will see from the ICE’s experience is will likely make you happier and start engaging like you have always said you wanted to 🙂

I do hope you enjoy reading the encouraging messages that we are heading in the right direction. And more importantly consider that this really can be a trigger to get you help accelerate positive change in your industry.

Get in touch with your institution or indeed feel free to get in touch with us.

Trustee’s View | The opportunity you have been waiting for… | New Civil Engineer

Appreciation from Alexandra

It is always nice to get a thank you, and ever better when it is accompanied by a great resource for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

‘thanks for everything you do to make sure everyone has their needs met in the classroom. My experience taught me that students with special needs are capable of learning the same learning objectives as their peers, they just need additional resources or a different teaching approach.  

While I am no longer in the classroom, I am still passionate about equitable education and learning opportunities for children, specifically in the STEM fields of study,  and that’s how I came across your work. I just assembled a list of STEM resources for kids with special needs,; it offers a range of options and approaches for parents and educators alike. ‘

Thankyou Alexandra it is now on our page.