EngTog at WES Annual Conference

We continue out strong links with the Women’s Engineering Society as our work over laps in may ways. Our Chair Paula has three slots to talk about the many things we can work together on:

Educating others through Primary Voices – Engineering Together

Educating and supporting ourselves through The Line – Engineering Together

And working together with industry to shift the dial through Climate Emergency Group | Women’s Engineering Society (wes.org.uk)

Badger Hill gets first book set

Thanks to the Cleveland Scientific Institution many schools in the Tees Valley will be getting a visit from STEM Ambassadors who will leave them with all 5 Lottie Books to read.

The first school attended was Badger Hill who said “the children loved the session and
are excited to read the rest of the books…. you gave a great insight into your role as well as helping to smash stereotypes”.

The children chose Lottie Loves Water to read as a group and what brilliant readers they are in Years 1 and 2.

Working in our local area

Julie Harrison and Paula McMahon have represented Engineering Together at the first of its kind climate coalition. This group covers the four strands of business, community, youth and creative and has the potential to act as a catalyst for real change. Act local, think global.

We are very excited to be part of this in its early stages to help contribute with our EngTog model of true collaboration and inclusion.

Lets all speak with the EngTog ONE VOICE

Outcomes not ownership

Nurturing networks

Enabling efficiency

Value one vision

Operating openness

Influencing with integrity

Collaboration with compromise

Emphasis on equality

Getting Social

We must have had fun as we took not one photo – you may ask were we really there !!

Members of EngTog met our close partners WES Tyne and Tees for a social event.

This reminded me of the need to take time out every now and then and simply talk.

Working together and supporting each other; in good times and not so good matters.