Bringing Engineering Universities Together

Our Diversity Champion Dr Jo Douglas-Harris and Chair Paula McMahon were delighted to part take in the inaugural North of England Universities Joint Event. 

This was the very first time that all North East University engineering departments had come together with the aim to network and celebrate INWED.  This is not the first combined and collaborative event that Engineering Together have contributed to as we always look to work towards breaking the bias.

The CEO of WES not only part took in this event but also chose it to be the global launch of INWED22.  The 2022 theme is Inventors and Innovators and everyone was encouraged to #ImagineTheFuture where sustainability and inclusion are simply what we do.

The whole day was a great success with in-person events at each of the universities which included talks, panels and much more.  The virtual online session allowed everyone to be together to see our showcase of an inspirational showcase of female engineers, academics and staff.  Everyone then took part in an interactive roundtable across all five universities.

The students, staff and attendees enjoyed the event and everyone has agreed this event is to be the first of many.  It also encouraged further involvement from male and female students and staff to set up WES University Groups to further bring together people who wish to actively support and encourage student engineers from all backgrounds.

Once again Engineering Together alongside the WES Tyne & Tees Cluster has gained international interest and regional benefits!

Bias busting spotlight on IWD

Collaborating with others and helping everyone reach their potential is what we do at Engineering Together. In and around International Womens Day we love to turn the spotlight onto our female members in order to help #BreakTheBias.

Our group get involved in lots of different events showcasing engineering and challenging perceptions . Here are but a couple of examples of events we took part in alongside many other greats from the Tees Valley and beyond….

Collaborative growth during British Science Week

Including everyone and working together are important to our Engineering Together group. We showcased our people and our work in many ways for British Science Week.

We visited many different schools and organisations in person and virtually with a focus on ‘growth’ this years theme. EngTog members part took in many of the events which helped the WES Tyne and Tees Cluster reach hugely impressive student numbers.

Julie’s International Womens Day focus on sustainabilty

Our Climate Champion Julie put on a fabulous event bring in many different industrial partners through Inspiron Learning with help from the Cleveland Scientific Institute (CSI).

The two day event saw young girls from Egglescliffe School get their hands on some fantastic hydrogen cars and then had many high profiles visitors during International Womens Day.

The event was a huge success well over 90% said they were informed of the opportunities in STEM, almost 80% of the girls said they would now look further at careers in STEM.

Some of the comments…

“I have more of an idea of what I want to do in the future”

“I really liked both sessions because they really inspired me. I didn’t realise how enjoyable engineering was”

“I really enjoyed doing these two sessions and would like to know more about Civil and Chemical engineering”

Are we training for a greener future?

Challenging the current systems is what we need to do to accelerate change. We discussed education with students from a variety of establishments if they thought their education would help towards a greener future.

Watch our event to hear form our panel chair and panellists…

Panel Chair: Zoe Lewis, Principal Middlesbrough College


  Tees Valley Panellist 1 – Chloe Armstrong, Middlesbrough College

  Tees Valley Panellist 2 – Mia Burton, Middlesbrough College  

  Glasgow Panellist 1 – Zoe Branford, University of Strathclyde

  Glasgow Panellist 2 – Shauna Thomson, University of Glasgow

  Glasgow Panellist 3 – Kyle Prele, West College Scotland – Glasgow  

   Glasgow Panellist 4 – Millie Law, Falkirk High School via Liam Mason