Inspiring Others

Becoming an Ambassador is a great way to increase your confidence meet professional development targets and feel great.

If you want some guidance / inspiration.  This briefing paper outlines what should you think about before starting to plan STEM engagement activities. Principles-of-STEM-interventions-Sept-18.pdf

You can register as a STEM Ambassador via STEM learning for free:

They have plenty of resources here

If you are an Apprentice or an Apprentice Champion you can also help promote this great career path by signing up at:

Choose from short-term to longer-term commitments to suit your schedule and business. Whatever volunteer role you decide to take, as you guide students on their journeys to the world of work, you will find that you and your colleagues are also on a unique journey of development.

The virtual skills festival, held 27 April – 19 June, will give young people the opportunity to speak to employers, develop key skills, and boost their future employability. By getting involved you will be able to play a leading role in helping young people develop crucial workplace skills, transforming their futures and boosting social mobility.

The aim of this campaign is to make people aware of the changes to apprenticeships and the benefits to individuals and businesses. The materials in this pack have been prepared to give you information and guidance on the campaign so you can amplify it through your own channels and networks.

Inspiring Young People in STEM: Feedback Tools for STEM Ambassadors.  This will help you help ensure that assessments are made on the effectiveness of what you do.

Another way to help young people in any field.  Also lots of resources.

The Human Spaceship and other stories – Artist Helen Schell writes about the research and collaboration that go into her projects bringing art into the exploration of the universe – and into science outreach.