Sustainably Engineering Together our Oceans

This was our very first in person technical event and the very first in our new Sustainably Engineering Together series ! We had 2 great speakers talking about different aspects of the Ocean.

First up was our Keynote Speaker; Richard Hixman of Healthcare Ocean – The audience were held captive hearing about the importance of our oceans, how they have changed due to human activities and how we can all help. Richard stressed there are many things we can do at home and at work to REDUCE our impact by considering our: Cars, Consumption, Chemicals and Cruises.

Judy Power of the Tees River Trust told us all about local projects which are being undertaken now to make a difference for the long term health of the River Tees. Judy wowed us talking about the power of nature and in particular oysters and sea grass. You can find out more, and volunteer to help out, on their website – Or if you book soon you can also find out more at the Tees Valley Nature Conference in Darlington on the 30th June 2023 –

Many thanks to the Materials Processing Institute who kindly hosted this in their fantastic Fitzgerald Room and our other sponsors. And of course our other collaborators:

Congrats Julie!

Julie Harrison received the Green Award from the Stockton Major for teaching STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and Climate Action to students across the Tees Valley.

She has presented lectures on Climate Action at the new Teesworks site and at Egglescliffe School and Sixth Form for International Women’s Day.

Julie is exhibiting student work at Billingham’s Festival of Thrift and is planning to organise an event for local engineers and organisations to discuss the Borough’s engineering history with the added context of a greener brighter future.

Big Help Out thank you

As Chair I just wish to say a huge thank you to all our volunteers, supporters and ambassadors.

We literally could not deliver the great work and work towards speaking with ONE VOICE without you.

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