Another year almost over

I almost cannot believe it’s the end of December already and time for reflection on yet another full year. Engineering Together and the links with our collaborators go from strength to strength each year and I have never been prouder to lead this group. Like every year it has not been without it’s challenges; but like always our positivity and togetherness have got us through.

There are lots of things I could say but my personal key highlights have included the continued use of our website with some great unsolicited feedback from all around the world include Maddie, Alexandra and Megan. We of course have MAADigital to thank for continuing to host us.

Thank you to Colin and the team from MAADigital

We have of course gone back to some Face to Face meetings and events but continue a hybrid approach as we have found it far more inclusive and sustainable. We have found this works has allowed us to do more. Some great examples of in person /hybrid events are Bright Stars, International Women’s Day, British Science Week, Love Local and having wild adventures. Some great examples of predominantly online events / resources include climate linked maths worksheets and Primary Voice assemblies and other global events.

We continue to be involved with the Transporter Bridge Award and have encouraged others to inspire and influence through a recent webinar on awards as we have lots of experience… our group has been recognised including our Diversity Champion Jo who is a Northern Power Women and Freeman of the City of London and Julie our Climate Champion who was recognised by Stockton Council for her extensive community work. I was privileged to be awarded a European Lifetime in Engineering Award as well as others. Without doubt though my highlight was carrying the Commonwealth Games Queens Baton which carried the last ever message for these games from the Queen herself.

I hope everyone has enjoyed Engineering Together in 2022 and feel free to get in touch if you wish to work together in 2023.

All the best to everyone, Paula

Bewley Primary draw their own Green Future

Bewley Primary have drawn up their ideas of a Greener Future in Billingham building on the Climate Change, Scientists & Engineers Needed sessions our Climate Champion Julie delivered.

These sessions are funded by the UK Space Agency and include looking at space travel and living to think about how they use water, recycle everything and have their own energy supplies. This is used to help students think beyond the here and now and imagine a greener future in space and on earth.

Here are Engineering Together we loved them all including… Eco-Ville, Rose-Ville, Eco-Heaven, Solar City, Eco-Paradise

Influencing through Awards

I was delighted to be asked to present this webinar as part of our ever increasing In It Together series in collaboration with the WES Tyne and Tees Cluster.

It showcases a plethora of fantastic people we have works with at Engineering Together who inspire us everyday. It also gives example of how and why awards influence and of course if contains plenty of hints and tips on how to find and enter awards (for yourself or others).

I do hope it will inspire you to promote and support positive change. Watch at

Engineering Together – presence not presents

Here are EngTog we do like to celebrate however before we do we thought what is more important is inspiring the next generation, working together and ensuring the future is sustainable.

So before our Christmas festivities started we assessed and gave feedback on the wonderful work from Dyke House School as part of the ‘Climate Change, Scientists & Engineers Needed’ UK Space Agency funded project.

We were pleased to see the many different sustainable solutions proposed, many of which utilised lessons from the International Space Station.