Greening the steel industry

As Chair I was delighted to host Chris McDonald’s talk on greening the steel industry in person at The Moline Cross in Norton.  As a Civil Engineer this certainly offered me a very different perspective on how we can transition towards Net Zero through local manufacturing.

Chris’s reputation as an expert in the steel industry was evident from his interesting talk which included technical details on how technology has and will evolve over time.   I found the interrelationships between jobs, infrastructure, training, productivity and the health and wellbeing of society fascinating.  Green steel manufacturing can bring multiple benefits, a just transition and lots of opportunities for young people with appropriate long term holistic thinking – and of course funding. 

The audience was made up of a variety of local people who were really engaged and asked lots of questions.  We also got to do some networking where the power of ‘in person’ helped us foster some ideas beyond steel.

Chris said ‘I thought it was an incredibly worthwhile event. Thank you for doing such good work in bringing engineers together and discussing climate action in Stockton’. 

As promised Chris has supplied his slides and contact details:



Facebook: @ChrisMcDonaldforStocktonNorth

X: @chris4SN

As Chair I am delighted we really are sustainably engineering together in the Tees Valley 😊