Maddie helps us all have fun

We have added another wonderful website to our Fun at Home section following a great suggestion from Maddie. She has found lots of things to do with her family and friends during lockdown. We look forward to seeing them working in STEM in the future…

“Some of our favourite things to do as a family over this last year have been family movie and game nights (we love board games)! My son and husband have been playing old video games, and my daughter and I have done a bunch of crafts and activities together. With summer near, I want to have some new and fun games and activities we can enjoy over the next few months.

The Fun at Home page was perfect in leading me to a bunch of new, fun, and educational activities! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this page together. This is exactly what I was looking for!

My daughter, Maddie, was actually really interested in finding some new activities and she found a page full of STEM projects and activities! Here’s the link:

Maddie’s motivation and optimism inspires me! She has kept a positive attitude through this entire pandemic and I think it’s really cool that she found an educational activities page on her own. She actually shared it with her group of girl friends and they think it’s really cool too! “