Some great ideas from Megan in Maine

It is always wonderful to help other people but we at Engineering Together were particularly please to hear from Mrs G at Maine STEM Club for Girls.

Mrs G passed on thanks as our Fun at Home page has been ‘a big help to their club! ‘

They have been using some of the great STEM projects within their lessons and it was lovely they wanted to reach out to tell our Engineering Together team how we have helped them! 

By way of thanks Megan gave us some fantastic links to some wonderful additions to our STEM At Home pages…  Engineering Games and Projects and Free STEM Activities and Resources for Kids

Megan was very excited to share them with us and we totally agree.  We think they are great and now everyone to use them 🙂

Mrs G said ‘Encouraging girls in the field of science is so important’ and we wholeheartedly support this.

Our Chair Paula said ‘It really is fantastic to know that Engineering Together is helping those from afar and that Megan and the other girls at Main STEM Club for Girls are not only working towards being our next generation of professionals but also giving back.  Thankyou.’