Are we training for a greener future?

Challenging the current systems is what we need to do to accelerate change. We discussed education with students from a variety of establishments if they thought their education would help towards a greener future.

Watch our event to hear form our panel chair and panellists…

Panel Chair: Zoe Lewis, Principal Middlesbrough College


  Tees Valley Panellist 1 – Chloe Armstrong, Middlesbrough College

  Tees Valley Panellist 2 – Mia Burton, Middlesbrough College  

  Glasgow Panellist 1 – Zoe Branford, University of Strathclyde

  Glasgow Panellist 2 – Shauna Thomson, University of Glasgow

  Glasgow Panellist 3 – Kyle Prele, West College Scotland – Glasgow  

   Glasgow Panellist 4 – Millie Law, Falkirk High School via Liam Mason