Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity

We loved engineering together with the team to include an EngTog challenge in their new book.

Check our the festival site at Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity – Celebrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (

See if you can spot our AmazeLabs friends and of course our very own Paula in the wonderful free to download magazine – FOSAC 23 MAG MASTER.indd (

Some great ideas from Megan in Maine

It is always wonderful to help other people but we at Engineering Together were particularly please to hear from Mrs G at Maine STEM Club for Girls.

Mrs G passed on thanks as our Fun at Home page has been ‘a big help to their club! ‘

They have been using some of the great STEM projects within their lessons and it was lovely they wanted to reach out to tell our Engineering Together team how we have helped them! 

By way of thanks Megan gave us some fantastic links to some wonderful additions to our STEM At Home pages…  Engineering Games and Projects and Free STEM Activities and Resources for Kids

Megan was very excited to share them with us and we totally agree.  We think they are great and now everyone to use them 🙂

Mrs G said ‘Encouraging girls in the field of science is so important’ and we wholeheartedly support this.

Our Chair Paula said ‘It really is fantastic to know that Engineering Together is helping those from afar and that Megan and the other girls at Main STEM Club for Girls are not only working towards being our next generation of professionals but also giving back.  Thankyou.’

Appreciation from Alexandra

It is always nice to get a thank you, and ever better when it is accompanied by a great resource for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

‘thanks for everything you do to make sure everyone has their needs met in the classroom. My experience taught me that students with special needs are capable of learning the same learning objectives as their peers, they just need additional resources or a different teaching approach.  

While I am no longer in the classroom, I am still passionate about equitable education and learning opportunities for children, specifically in the STEM fields of study,  and that’s how I came across your work. I just assembled a list of STEM resources for kids with special needs,; it offers a range of options and approaches for parents and educators alike. ‘

Thankyou Alexandra it is now on our page.

Have fun reusing plastic bottles

We often get some great feedback and some fabulous new web pages to share from our users.

One home schooling Mom said “As a new home school Mom this year, the Engineering Together site has been such an incredible resource for me and my daughter. She’s been struggling in Science and I was able to use the Fun at Home page to find some great science and STEM resources. Feeling extra grateful for the Engineering Together site! It’s made such a difference in our home school journey together.”

As a bonus her daughter found this great website which includes loads of craft and project ideas for reusing plastic bottles which now features on our Fun at Home and Climate Activities pages.

Apprentice network experiences

One of the main things we get asked about is career routes and in particular apprenticeships. Our Chair is part of the North East Apprentice Ambassador Network (NEAAN) which champions all things related. At the end of 2021 the network gathered lots of experiences showing the breadth of opportunities for young people in the North East and also how employers can get involved.

Watch here

Allie and family are enjoying having fun at home

“The Engineering Together Fun at Home page is the perfect resource for families looking for fun and educational activities. It’s filled with new and unique activities if you’re looking for something fun to do as a family at home! The team always keeps the page updated too, so you can continuously check back for something new.

The last year has been quite the challenge with Coronavirus, so to be able to find up to date pages filled with family activities is so helpful. My family is actually having a get together tomorrow to try out these fun activities all together! I can’t thank the team at Engineering Together enough for their support.  If you find a fun activity feel free to send it over to them – they are so friendly! “

-Allie C. and Family

And thanks to them we have another fabulous link to Exploring STEM Education: A Resource Guide – College Cliffs on our Fun at Home – Engineering Together page