Green Power visit

As Chair, I was delighted to have been invited to see the Green Power electric car build by the two teams at Harrow Gate Primary Academy.

Green Power helps young people around the world to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) through a unique challenge: to design, build and race an electric car.  By building this it helps unlock potential and spark enthusiasm for STEM through the excitement of motorsport.

Harrow Gate Primary have two teams this year who are sponsored by the Cleveland Scientific Institution (CSI).  The CSI also sponsor teams at Easterside Primary Academy and Wynyard Church of England Primary School.

Harrow Gate Primary have been keeping people informed of their progress via their blog.  At the time Paula visited spoke to the teams the cars were almost built; just come last electrical wiring checks to complete. 

The all-boys team include Alex, Filep, Sonny, Theo, Zak and Owen and their car is called ‘Lightening Bolt’.  The final decoration was to, of course, include some lightning bolts.

The all-girls team include Lilly, Olivia, Georgia, Lainey, Bethany, Tia, Kelci and Amber would have named their car ‘Speed and Beauty’.  The girls were planning to decorate their car with smiley faces.

The girls teams loved building the car and said they enjoyed working in a team.  These are not the first ever all girls team, Longfield Academy all Girls’ team previously raced in an F24 senior level car.  However, this team are believed to be the first ever Goblin all Girls’ team.

The Harrow Gate Primary teams raced their cars at Croft on 22nd June.   Not only did the teams build the car but they all get the chance to drive it and one team member then races it.