Ironstone Trust Engineering Bridges Together

How could we have known? When we engaged last year with the Ironstone Trust of Primary schools on a bridge-and-gazebo-building project, no-one could foresee that within a few months every student’s home would have to become a school as well. 

At Engineering Together we have worked directly with over 200 local children, Yr4 and Yr5, alongside many teaching staff. We’ve introduced some basic creative construction experiences (marshmallows and spaghetti-based) as well a bit of background and theory. We’ve explored the nature and history of the first likely home for one of our real bridges – Ormesby Hall. 

Now, the team has ploughed on instead of giving up. Students are working at home on bridge-builds, taking the next steps – some ambitious, all filled with thought and imagination. Staff, students, families and the technical professions are building bridges actual and symbolic for the future. Trying things out, improving, trying again – the heart of any design process – with enthusiasm and enjoyment. 

At a time of maximum insecurity, this really does feel like Engineering Together.Check out the wonderful bridges the Year 4s at Normanby School made at home with what they have at