Virtual Events

We are delighted to signpost you to some of the great places and events to visit in our area – for now you can do this from the comfort of your own home.


18 – 21 October 2021

Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival promises four full days of festival goodness will be squeezed through your fibre connections and Wi-Fi boxes and straight to your laptops, tablets and phones.

 “Bring It On” is usually a two day engineering careers event held in Sunderland for 9-14 year olds.  This year they are offering the content online instead.  


From 1849 Tees Cottage Pumping Station revolutionised water supply in Darlington and Teesside by offering cleaner, piped water to inhabitants who had previously relied on wells and rainwater tubs. The engines at Tees Cottage pumped water from the River Tees, which was then filtered and supplied to the water company’s customers.

The Globe Theatre – Virtual Tour 2020 provides a virtual site visit of Stockton’s transformation of the Globe Theatre.


Watch Dr Tosh Warwick of Heritage Unlocked talk about Middlesbrough’s Transporter Bridge