What a MAAD co-incidence!

I was at the fantastic North East England Construction Summit yesterday and I bumped into Colin who very kindly hosts our Engineering Together web pages.

At first I wondered why and then from out lovely chat realised how their expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D design, animation, and video production can really make construction projects come to life!

The future is now thanks to MAADIGITAL – the Newcastle digital agency for unforgettable digital experiences!

A big thank you from the EngTog team for your support hosting us.

Help send local team to global finals

Wardley Primary School are the Vex Robotics UK National Champions.

They need help to compete in the Vex Robotics World Championships in Dallas.

This funding page has been set up to fund this trip as well as future materials.

After meeting their teacher, Mr Burfield, at the North East Stem Award 2022 we agree he not only deserved the accolade of most inspirational primary school teacher award but we would also like to support this fantastic team.

Big Minds Bright Futures

I was please to part take in my second event for Big Minds Bright Futures

The first was Girl in Charge where I had the pleasure of meeting Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson and we shared inspiration and stories. The second an environmental panel event – we discussed everything from tree planting to GCSE curriculum.

This group and the things they do really give me hope for the future.

Transporter Bridge award goes from strength to strength

As Chair I was delighted to once again hand over this prestigious engineering award after our Engineering Together group reinvigorated it during lock down.

The year’s recipient Daniel Crow, a forward-thinking degree apprenticeship graduate, won with a real-world problem.

This award continues to showcase the talent we have coming out of Teesside University and the positive effect engineering has on our region.

Read the full story at Forward-thinking degree apprenticeship graduate wins prestigious engineering award | Media centre | Teesside University

Virtual Reality creates Bright Stars

Many people ask me about Virtual STEM work now we are able to go back into schools. So here is an example of how you can make it work and the advantages…

During Covid I set up Primary Voices and advertised it as a virtual assembly on the STEM Ambassador Hub *. Since it was virtual I received interest country wide including St James CE Junior at Barrow in Furness.

* you too can become a STEM Ambassador.

The assembly went well and we agreed to do more together including Bright Stars, which would normally be an 8 week programme in school. I did 7 of the weeks virtually and the last one in person.

So what was better?

For me the virtual absolutely had a place and with enthusiasm and encouraging interaction I still truly built up a relationship with the class. So much so when I arrived at the school for my final Bright Stars session I was greeted with a banner, a wonderful hand made cards and lots of smiles and cuddles.

This last in person session was the highlight. Whilst there students showed my videos and told me all the things they learned including teamwork, finances, marketing and because not everything went well resilience.

The whole experience has reinforced my belief that virtual is here to stay, especially when you listen to how much the students got out of the programme in Episode 14.

Well don’t take my word for it judge for yourself from the St James blogs and podcasts.

Photos from School Web Page showing how engaged they were during virtual sessions, working to create and operate their Smoothie business and my final visit where I was presented with the most wonderful card.

PODCASTs… Virtual Episode 7 and in person Episode 14

The Queens Baton

Thank you to our fantastic Climate Champion Julie Harrison for nominating me to carry the Commonwealth Games Queens Baton on behalf of everyone who contributes to Engineering Together and out associated groups. I had a wonderful time and I was inspired by my fellow Baton Bearers who each had a unique story of inspiring and community spirit.

Encouraging active involvement

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to write in the international publication New Civil Engineer. Although this is very much targeted at UK members of the Institution of Civil Engineers it is in fact very relevant to all institutions and groups.

The time has never been better to encourage more people to get involved to enhance the great work being done as well as your own CV. And as you will see from the ICE’s experience is will likely make you happier and start engaging like you have always said you wanted to 🙂

I do hope you enjoy reading the encouraging messages that we are heading in the right direction. And more importantly consider that this really can be a trigger to get you help accelerate positive change in your industry.

Get in touch with your institution or indeed feel free to get in touch with us.

Trustee’s View | The opportunity you have been waiting for… | New Civil Engineer

Helping with High Tides’ digital growth

I am pleased to support this great local foundation as a Trustee. The digital offering continues to grow helping young people in the Tees Valley even greater access to inspiration.

This website has lots of resources and offers virtual work experiences in many sectors.

High Tide Foundation – For Young People on Teesside High Tide set to rise, with key appointments and plans for digital growth – High Tide Foundation – Working to Inspire and Empower the Teesside of Tomorrow