Welcome to Engineering Together

Welcome to our new website brought to you by Engineering Together and kindly facilitated by MAA Digital (www.maadigital.co.uk).

For now it is a work in progress which we will over the coming weeks and months build upon. Working TOGETHER we can make a real difference. In the long term this website will help navigate through the plethora of STEM and engineering organisations and enable everyone to find resources.

We are working collaboratively in order to make the best of what we have and what we do in a way that makes effective use of our resources and speak with ONE VOICE in the Tees Valley

Outcomes not ownership

Nurturing networks

Enabling efficiency

Value one vision

Operating openness

Influencing with integrity

Collaboration with compromise

Emphasis on equality

I am excited about our future, our active group is expanding rapidly in order to meet our mutual goals to promote all forms of engineering for the benefit of society.

I really do hope you can help us to make a real difference by working with us to meet our objectives.

Paula McMahon

Chair Tees Valley Engineering Together
North East Community of Professional Engineers

The founding Member Organisations still remain at the heart of our Council, our network continues to expand.